J’ai Besoin Dix Bonbons


I have posted numerous times about my favorite teacher, role model, etc (it is very nearly the first anniversary of her passing).  Tonight at work, I had a surprise when my high school French came into my line.  “Bonjour, Professeur Peters! Comment allez-vous?”  She looked really well.  A few years following my graduation, she had some health problems.  She asked me if I was still a Star Trek/Star Wars fan.  AH, she knows me so well.  I made flash cards of French vocabulary in the shape of the NCC-1701 (“No bloody -A, -B, -C, Or -D”).  We would get bonbons or other rewards for creativity.  I told her that I have been doing plays around the area over the last several years.  She has seen pictures in the paper but has yet to come to any.

One of my favorite parts of French class was the video contest.  I believe it was a countywide (or maybe even longer reaching than that) contest in which classes could submit short skits to be judged for prizes.  How I wish YouTube was around back then.  I did not think to ask Madame if she kept any of the videos.  Anyway, the senior year video Nicolas, Thomas, Jean, and I made was by far our most hilarious.  It was a cooking spoof in which we made lapin a la moutarde (or… rabbit in mustard sauce).  Think the Swedish Chef (or Julia Child it was French after all) meets the Three Stooges and you pretty well get the idea.  Whoever decided to give me the role I undertook, I’ll never know but… it was memorable to say the least.

What a fun trip down memory lane!

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  1. Personally, no I don’t have the video. But if one of my far too periodic readers would care to comment… But, hindsight ya know. It has been 17 years since I have even thought about it. But it was hilarious! Sorry all.

  2. Probably one of those things that a lesser actor would be embarrassed to see but nothing that would make me hang my head.

  3. I received this comment from one of my fellow actors in the skit:

    I tried to comment to your post “J’ai besoin dix bonbons” but was unable to do so from my computer at work. So I thought I would send it to you personally.

    Wow! Way to pull that memory out of the blue. I can confirm that such a video was indeed made. I was actually one of the “actors” in the skit. However, I really don’t remember who played what roles. Frankly, I don’t really remember what all of the roles were. The only thing I recall was having to video the skit twice due to poor lighting the first time round. I’m glad to hear Madame Peters is doing well. If you see her again tell her I said “bonjour”.

    drm (Nicolas)

  4. If memory serves the skit was entitled “Les Troi Chef et Jean.” Thomas, Nicolas, and I played the three chefs and Jean was something else… what I don’t remember.

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