Cooking Disasters


On the cover of our extremely late newspaper this evening (inserts for Black Friday sales, but really the store did not get their supply until after 6.30) there was an article detailing various peoples mishaps in the kitchen.  Invariably, this causes my mind to wander to two incidents that I have heard tell about time and again.  They both involve the culinary artistry of my father (who is back to his old self again and we can all be thankful for that).  Apparently, long ago either when I was a wee lad or not even born, he ATTEMPTED to cook goulash.  I say attempted because he began by putting the uncooked macaroni along with the meat and other ingredients into a pot of not boiling water.  I guess he was going for the goulash soup.

On another occasion while serving as Assistant Scoutmaster of my brother’s Boy Scout troop, he attempted to cook spaghetti on a camping excursion.  What the boys eventually were about to consume was a pasty substance that only the Scoutmaster himself would sample.

I think from then on, my mother was the gourmet and dad was left to the everyday hamburger, grilled cheese and the like.

So from all of us to all of you, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, blessings, and a day void of cooking disasters.  BTW, taylhis, what time did your paper arrive at your doorstep?

10 thoughts on “Cooking Disasters”

  1. I wonder if he did it on purpose…? You know, the guy’s get out of ____ free card. Hmm. Seriously though, I regularly have mishaps involving overdone items, such as grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza.

  2. Knowing Dad I doubt if he did it on purpose, but who knows. I’m trying to think of mishaps aside from the occasional overcooking, too.

  3. Let’s see, steak that could have been used as shoe leather after I was done with it, or the many hockey pucks I’ve cooked.

  4. How’s this for a mishap? We have metal covers to protect the burners on our electric stove when not in use. One day, a pot of water needed to be boiled for cooking so off went the cover, on went the pot of water. Burner was clicked on. A short time later we were wondering what that smell was. Looked around, nothing seemed out of place. Smell gets worse. After looking around again I take a peek at the stove and one of the metal covers still on the burner is black. Yep, you guessed it. Wrong burner got turned on. Oops…

  5. I had a similar mishap with our Fry Daddy deep fryer. Oil was heating up and for some reason, I thought the lid should be on… bye bye lid hello odd odor.

  6. I have also cooked a burner cover. And helped make my own version of hockey pucks. My handicapped Polish grandmother was dictating the recipe for kolatchkies as my uncle and I tried to make them, which unfortunately resulted in large, hard-as-a-brick anything-but kolatchkies. My paper arrived before 5 yesterday; probably about 4:40 – which is about 10-20 minutes earlier than usual!

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