Yes, there is another daughter…


Number 3 out of four.  What can I say about this one…  The first things that pop in my head are peanut butter, chocolate, frogs and of course Star Wars.

While she still lives at home, I tend to see her only on rare occasions.  She is in college and has a boyfriend.  Those two things put together seem to negate any family time.  For years, I was able to spend a lot of time with this daughter.  I was a coach on most of her softball teams.  When I wasn’t a coach, I was always helping out.  Then after she turned 14 she played a couple of years with me on the Church Softball team.  And at barely 5 feet even and under 100 lbs, her favorite position was catcher.  She was a good one too.  Never showed any fear waiting for that ball to come on close plays at the plate.  In part I was afraid she’d get run  over, but I was also proud of the way she played the game.

My greatest joy were those few times we have been on stage together.  I’m hoping that we will be able to do more in future shows, but the few times she has been on stage with me, are very special to me.

And let’s not forget the Star Wars.  My very first date with my future wife was a dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Star Wars – Return of the Jedi, and then a stop at Dunkin Donuts.   This young lady definitely likes Star Wars, and donuts, so 2/3rds of the time she reminds me of a wonderful first date I had with her mother… 😉

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