Wonderful Thoughts


As of yesterday, all 4 of my daughters and 1 sister have visited and even made a comment or two on my internet musings. It took some time to get all 4 daughters to respond, but it did happen.

So a big welcome to my daughters, Betsy, Froggy, Kittles and Draclet. You are my best girls, and I am proud of all of you.

And little sis, apparently my one ‘relative’ who is blog savvy, I love having you around.

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Thoughts”

  1. I periodically get relatives commenting on my blog. I even hear that a few are frequent readers. What a nice sentiment from dear ol’ day! Not that you are old, just a thought 😉

  2. Best girl or not, I’m still not sure I’m ready to start a blog of my own. You might all find that I have nothing interesting of my own to say.

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