Winter weather…


Happy Birthday to my daughter who loves the snow. We had a good amount of snow. It started early yesterday evening and continued on into the night. Of course the schools the had either delays or closures. This doesn’t affect my work schedule, but I sometimes wish it would. I do work in a school building, and the only good thing about no school is no students. I don’t teach or work with the students, so for me they just get in the way.

Anyway my daughter wanted two things for her birthday. One was snow. Well we got that. The other was to be able to swim. We went to our local “Y” last night and got some swimming in. I can’t see the thrill in swimming during the middle of a snowstorm, but it was exercise, and I do need that.

Even with the snow, which I do not like, I had two decent days. I’ll take all the decent days I can get.

We are scheduled (if the weatherman can do that) to get more winter precipitation later this week. I’m sure hoping it clears up a little on the weekend, mine is booked solid again. I would like to be able to get where I need to go.

3 thoughts on “Winter weather…”

  1. Yeah, they all say the same thing. It seems to me that whenever they are all in agreement.. we either get more or none at all… guess we’ll see what happens.

  2. Yep. Storm warning for tonight. I do believe today was the last day of school over here before break as it is highly likely it will be canceled tomorrow. Fortunately for me all the family we celebrate with is in the area (I have relatives in Indiana, but we rarely see them). Well, there’s also Taylhis and company out there, but I will visit out there sometime during a less hectic time of year. 🙂

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