What to write about now?


Well the summer is winding down and the Big blockbuster movies are just about done. This week the Olympics are in full force. And we will be getting to the US political conventions very soon.

I can’t think of thing there that I want to put in my blog. I may review a movie or two, but I don’t see any coming out that warrant a review. I’m not at all sure about the animated Star Wars film. I think Star Wars is a but played out. I have a daughter who is really into Star Wars, so I’ll let her handle that review if she wants to.

The movies I’ve seen that may get a future review are few. I had fun in the 3rd Mummy movie, as long as I kept it in my head that it wasn’t the first two. There were some funny parts, but I don’t think of it as a continuation of the series.

Politics… Not in this blog thank you very much. The only political statement I’ll make is that we are subject to a campaign season that is way too long.

Olympics — Well Tiger Woods isn’t in it so it can’t be worth watching.. No wait that’s the PGA.. Anyway, no blogs on the Olympics either.

My favorite team looks to be done for the season, so I won’t be blogging about baseball much. There are some bigger fans of teams that are doing well, so I won’t have to.

NFL — Nah, don’t see it,unless it is the Bears game at C and L’s.. Great fun watching games there.

Maybe as the mosquitoes die off, I can get my telescopes out again. Way to many bugs in the evening to have much fun watching stars. When they can bite through the mosquito suit, there are too many of them.

Oh well, I’ll just watch for strange and unusual news, that may be enough to keep this going. And School is starting and my youngest will be in her High School’s show choir. That should be fun. I’m going to let my daughter blog about her own wedding plans, unless it affects me to a greater degree.

Maybe I will have things to write about. We will see, what we will see.

3 thoughts on “What to write about now?”

  1. Something I didn’t know about you – you have a mosquito suit?!?!

    How about blogging about the haunted tour meetings you miss? 😉

    Chris had Susan give me her email address so I can invite her to game nights… you can write about those…

  2. Forgot all about that…. I was lucky to remember my trip to the Eye Doctor today. New glasses for the 3 of us.. Grump… Glad I have vision insurance, even then it was a bit much.

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