Traditional Christmas Dinner??


We had none of the normal trappings of a Christmas dinner. No ham or turkey. No yams or potatoes. No green beans or corn. Not even a goose or pudding.

We did have family close and dear. Cousins and siblings, parents and grandparents. Good food, good conversation, good times. We met early and stayed all day. Presents were exchanged. More conversation, some more food, and a cup of coffee or two. More conversation, more laughs.

What did we have?

Homemade pita, Greek salad, homemade hummos, Kafta, Gyro meat, sliced vegetables, Grilled Kabob chicken. Yes, a Greek dinner. It was wonderful. And for our family it was completely normal. We’ve had everything from pizza to Chinese food for Christmas and other family gatherings. Eating new foods is a way to celebrate life and love.

Merry Christmas.

5 thoughts on “Traditional Christmas Dinner??”

  1. Non-traditional holiday feasts have always intrigued me. I have never taken part in one but intriguing nonetheless. I’m sure taylhis and co. would have enjoyed very much.

  2. I’m not sure what we will have next. I think for next Christmas, I will suggest an traditional English dinner, compete with the goose and steamed plum pudding. I’m sure I can find some other English food that we don’t usually have here.

    My oldest daughter has a way with breads of all sorts, so she could fix something there.

  3. taylhis

    The only thing catered was the meat. I didn’t want to mess with trying to find authentic Pita meat and figure out the Greek spices for the chicken.

    Everything else was brought by family. My eldest makes a wonderful hummos. Her Pita bread is very good too. I would have had to order more meat for crashers. We almost didn’t have enough.

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