The best gift of all (non-religious)


Every year my darling daughters ask me what I want for Christmas, birthday and Fathers’ day (or any other occasion where they feel the need to get me things), and every year I have more trouble coming up with things I want or need.

So I decided I would put it into words once and for all time. If you see one of my daughters, suggest that they read this. IF you are one of my daughters, pass this on to your sisters. If you don’t know or never see my daughters, maybe these words can be used in your life.

What I want most from anyone, especially my daughters, is the gift of time. This can be given in many ways. A call to tell me some special news in your day. Or a call just to say hi. Time spent putting together a project that you think I might like. Time spent with me doing something or nothing at all. I cherish all the moments I get to spend with those I love.

Time is something we never get back. Once gone it is gone forever, that is why I think that it is the best gift. It has no price, but immense value. You can not buy it, but you can give your time. It is a gift of the heart, and that my friends is a very good gift indeed.

To quote my last show (probably the only ‘good’ quote from the show) “Our time here on this earth is short, shorter than any of us can imagine.” And that it is, spend it wisely, but please spend some with me.

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  1. Gary Chapman would say your primary love language is probably quality time. He has a series of books on what he calls the five love languages. I have read two of them. They were very interesting.

  2. @derek – my sister is all over those books. She’s given us 2 or 3 of them, but I just can’t bring myself to read self-help books. If I’m having an issue with something, I’ll look for advice on the internet by means of a short little article. I read at night to unwind, and reading about my kids DOES NOT do the trick!! (One of the books we have is the 5 love languages of children). Interesting concept though, maybe someday, when I figure out how to grow time on a tree and harvest it for later 🙂

  3. Gary Chapman is a Christian, and these books are inspired by his faith. In fact, one of his books is The Love Languages of God. He really knows what he’s talking about. Please do not make the error that these are just self-help books. You and C should read the original book together, which was written for married couples. Myself, I have read the Love Languages of God, and the singles edition of his love languages book.

    Here’s the official website by the way:

  4. Well spending time with you is a little bit harder to do these days but I can probably come up with some nice project that I can hopefully get done in time for Father’s Day. Of course actually getting it shipped out in time to get it to you on Father’s Day is a whole new project that may or may not work out like i want it to.

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