Talk like a duck


One of the things I remember doing (OK, I still do it 😉 ), was talking to the animals at the fair in their own language. Yes, I would snort and grunt at the pigs. Moo at the cows and steers. Neigh and bray with the donkeys and horses. And of course baah with the sheep and quack with the ducks.

Of course, I would then tell my children exactly what the animal on the other side of the conversation said. I don’t know if I ever convinced any of my girls that I was ‘talking’ to the animals, but I had fun doing it. Still do.

This year at the fair, I heard an animal sound that I never heard before. Llamas in my experience were always very quiet. I’m not sure if this is a normal case, since I only see them during the fairs, and they are not very common at our little fair. It was an interesting sound and I got curious as to what type of vocalization they do. So I found this site that had a sound close to what I heard. Check out the humming vocalization. When one llama made this noise, the other responded. It was cool to see and hear them react to each other. It will take some time listening to the llamas to be able to converse with them, so I will have to wait until next year.

And for those who had a movie come to mind with this blog post, I will leave you with this.

4 thoughts on “Talk like a duck”

  1. Well, speaking as your most gullible daughter, you had at least one of us convinced for a *while*! (I refuse to say how long a while.)

  2. The Muppets are great! So was the other Llama mama’s cria? That site says that’s how they communicate with their young, among other things. I’m excited to go to the fair! Now if I can just figure out how to get in…
    Was over there today on an errand, and when I took the kids by to see the fair, I noticed that they seem to have moved the entrance!

  3. Draclet — I was trying to be nice….

    taylhis — The gate you want is the one closer to the old Howe’s Restaurant. Or take 576 North (after getting around the construction and take the first right (County Road M). That takes you to the back entrance. That is the gate everyone leaves by this year.

  4. John,

    I was at the fair this year and walked through the Llama barn. When I stopped to pet the Llamas, my friend noticed that the Llama was humming at me. He told me that the Llama was talking to me. Like you I have never heard the sound of a Llama speaking and thought It was a really neat thing to hear.


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