Swimming in the Ocean


That is a good metaphor for a lot of things, but it is actually something I did not too long ago.

Now I generally prefer a nice swimming pool. A non-public pool is better than any public pool too. I never liked swimming in ponds or lakes. Mud, pond weeds, sharp stones and the non-clarity of the water were the things I didn’t like. My wife’s family had a lake cottage when I first met her, so we did spend some time there. While I did swim, I can’t say I every really enjoyed it. I enjoyed being with family but not the lake swimming part. Of course, there were a few other things I really didn’t enjoy about that cottage, but they had nothing to do with swimming.

I did find out more than a few years ago, that I do enjoy swimming in the ocean. The big waves, the sandy beaches, the smell of the salt water. I wish I could do it more often, just not feasible in the NW Ohio. The first time I remember swimming in an ocean was some 20 years ago in Southern California. The big wide Pacific was a blast. Sitting on the beach with my wife as the tide came in (and almost getting caught with no way out, but that is also another story).

Recently I was with my family in Florida, and I got to swim in the Atlantic. We didn’t stay long enough to get caught by any tides, but we enjoyed the waves, sand and salt water.

Other than people, I didn’t see any wildlife in the ocean. Some no longer used shells, but nothing living. A bit sad really. When we were in California, we saw sea lions and otters. They weren’t where we were swimming, they knew better. 😉 But they were close by.

Some day I should go to Hawaii and see some really big waves. Someday is always just around the corner isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Swimming in the Ocean”

  1. Been to Hawaii (over Christmas ’92 of all times) where my oldest brother spent his first year teaching. Went on a snorkeling excursion and humpback (whale) watching and saw a lot of fascinating sealife, waterfalls, and inert volcanoes (climbed up one) I do enjoy swimming in the ocean. While on Maui, we went to a beach which was next door to a more adult, clothing optional beach. A large, steep hill separated the two. It could be reached either by swimming around or climbing.

  2. I have only swam in the in the ocean once. It was approx. 20 years ago. The thing I remember most is feeling so small in comparsion to the awesome, vast ocean. It was a very humbling experience for me. I hope to one day take my children to experience the ocean.

    make it a great day,

  3. In my experience, there is more wildlife to be seen in the Pacific, although we did have dolphins jumping after our boat on the Atlantic side one time, but it was actually in the Gulf of Mexico. We also saw sea lions in the Pacific. I like to wade in the ocean – swimming, not so much, feels too dangerous.

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