Second try…


I know they say that the 3rd time is the charm, but tonight is only my second try. I hope that the gamers will be as ready to play as I am to run this little campaign.

I have been thinking about the many years that I’ve been away from actually running a role playing game. The rules have changed, the characters have changed, but the game has really stayed the same. It is all about the story and how the players (characters) interact with that story.

That being the case, will my recent years on stage allow me to tell a better story? Will my years of telling stories to my children allow be to tell a better story? I think I may know the answer..

Back in college, I was really into D&D, a friend talked me into being on stage. I was so nervous that I got physically sick after every performance. I vowed never to go on stage again. Some time between then and 1996/97 things changed. I got a job and a family. The pressure of the job actually gave me the confidence to get up in front of people to give them my ideas. My life and my family depended on me being able to do this, so I did it. The pressure of my family, made me realize that some things were much more important than some feelings of slight humiliation. The family allowed me to be me in all situations. So in 1996/1997 I tried the stage one more time. I must have enjoyed it since I’ve been doing it every year since then….

Now back to gaming. I am now a much more confident person than I was in the early 80’s into the 90’s. I’m not afraid of making a fool of myself. I know I can tell a story or two. My gut feeling is that I will be able to run the game better than I did before. Should be fun.

6 thoughts on “Second try…”

  1. And then JustJ learned to sing (and maybe even dance) and became not just a star in plays, but leads in WCCT and other local productions of such Broadway hits as Cats, Miss Saigon and Rent. 😀

    I’m sure you’ll make a fine Dungeonmaster. 🙂

  2. I think it is great when we can see tangible signs that we have improved/matured/grown.

    I have a favorite book that when I HAD to read it for high school, I barely struggled through it.
    But then at home during college, I read it again and I still think it is one of the best if not THE best I have ever read. It still amazes me the difference a few years made. Unless they rewrote the book???
    We are all so glad you gave theatre a second chance and I think it does make you an even better story teller.

  3. Yes… family and kids especially have ways of making (letting?) us do things we never imagined we would.
    I would get up in front of people out of necessity (renewing my wedding vows, my kid’s marriages WAY in the future, etc.), but I would never choose it for a hobby or as something to do just for fun – it’s not the fear of humiliation either; I find that things like memorizing lines and blocking and performing more work than fun.
    But it’s so great that people are wired differently otherwise we wouldn’t have any actors to watch!

  4. I think the stage experience will only aide in your gamemastership. Somehow I knew in first grade with my one line that I would be on the stage in some capacity. NEVER, EVER was afraid of it.

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