Saturday Night in Toledo Ohio…


The song would continue “is like being nowhere at all.” Today I spent the evening in Toledo, actually the Suburb of Maumee and I had a wonderful time. Spent the evening with a large group of my daughter’s friends. Went out to eat a great Restaurant, when to her house and played some group games. All around fun for the evening.

This was a bit of a change from my reflective evening yesterday. We had such a large group at the restaurant that we were asked what the occasion was. Welll the occasion was that it was Saturday. Fellowship, food, drink were all enjoyed.

Just getting into my relaxing phase. I do tend to psych myself up for long drives in the evening, and it takes me a bit to unwind to fall asleep.

Night folks

8 thoughts on “Saturday Night in Toledo Ohio…”

  1. Yes, anything I do at night and going home takes me awhile to unwind. Especially fun things like spending time with friends and family.

  2. MMmmm… looks good – and you said the food quality is good? That makes all the difference of course. I didn’t see any Saganaki on the menu, but lots of other good things. Will have to try it sometime – thanks!

  3. Looking back, I have absolutely no idea why I made that comment. I do know it wasn’t meant to be sarcastic, like it sounds to me just now as I reread it. Just ignore it please. And this one… 😉

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