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Yesterday, on my way home from Toledo, I heard that Paul Harvey died at the age of ninety. His news broadcasts were my first foray into news of any type. I remember sitting next to my Dad at noon on Saturday to listen to Paul Harvey News. When Dad was home during the week, he would listen to those newscasts too. I would occasionally go to work with him, and he had a radio to listen there too.

When I had my first job after college, my Dad and I would share a ride to and from work. We started listen to “The Rest of the Story”. Paul Harvey was sort of a father and son bonding time. It went on for a few years. A small way to connect.

I’ve since lost my Father, but I never stopped listening to Paul Harvey when I could. Work didn’t always let me tune in during the week. Prior commitments sometimes took me away from the radio in the evening. Listening to Paul Harvey news or “The Rest of the Story” brought back many memories.

I’ve lost another connection to my past. Sad day.

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  1. Yes, sad. I have noticed that Paul Harvey, Jr. has been pretty much at the helm for a while. There was always something distinctive about his voice that I found fascinating.

  2. His distinctive voice is why I stopped to listen while flipping through the radio channels one day. His stories were so interesting that I became a regular listener during my commute until I changed jobs. I just finished Jack Hanna’s new book and read in there that a few of his animal stories made Paul Harvey’s show – I will have to find those somewhere. Sad day indeed.

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