New Year, comfortable habit


New Year’s eve and I toasted in the new Year. I’ve made that toast with the same beverage for the Since New Years Eve 1983/1984. My future brother-in-law brought some Piesporter with him. My future wife did not care for wines at all really liked this wine. From that date on, we shared a bottle of some type of Piesporter. It has been a holiday tradition for a long time.

After her death, I kept buying that type of wine for both New Year’s Eve and our Anniversary. I have not shared the bottle with anyone until last night. In the past few years, if I was out for the evening, I would save my toast until I got home. I didn’t feel like sharing this wine. This year I spent the evening with some good friends. I did share my bottle with those who wanted it.

If they enjoyed the wine, that was wonderful. If they didn’t care for it, it doesn’t matter. I also shared a bottle of the same wine with family and friends on the anniversary of her death. This is the first year, I’ve shared the wine. It may not mean a lot to those who shared with me, but in mind it had a lot of meaning.

To those who shared, thank you for accepting a gift from my heart, and helping me remember the good times I did have for many years.

Happy New Year.

3 thoughts on “New Year, comfortable habit”

  1. J… the wine was superb… I’m definitely not a connoisseur but I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing another of your traditions and taking part in a fun evening. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you for sharing – it means a lot. If only we had known the reasons behind it at the time, and then our non-wine drinker of an admin would have tried it.

  3. My pleasure in sharing the wine.

    taylhis, I really didn’t want to make a big deal of the wine at your party. It was kind of a private moment, that only really hit me after I got home.

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