Moving Day…


I rented a BIG truck today. I then went to the Froggy’s house and help load up things into a van, a couple of pick-ups and The BIG truck. With this thing and that thing happening, the move didn’t start as early as we would have liked. It got hot, very hot. The vehicles were loaded up and we left B-town at around 1:45.

BIG truck liked to BOUNCE. I’m not sure if I would have been sore with just moving stuff, but I was sore after driving that BIG truck. It actually handled well, but it bounce me up and down in the seat for the entire trip to T-town.

At 2:45 we were emptying the vans and pick-ups. We had more help on the unloading end, so it went much faster. We took most of the stuff for storage. That was another adventure that I may write about when I have a bit more energy.

I’m still wondering why today reminded me of George Carlin… The link is not really kid friendly, it is George Carlin on stage…

3 thoughts on “Moving Day…”

  1. Going to have to watch that later – too many kids in the room.
    Those U-Haul type trucks have no shocks. I remember the 8-hour move from Nebraska to IL – very bouncy. Luckily there was just one kid back then. One kid, a parrot, a dog, and a very unhappy cat.
    Then there was a 4 hour move in a U-Haul from Illinois to Ohio, where I got the experience of driving the truck – it was kinda fun!!
    Loading and unloading… not so much fun. Glad it’s done and over with for your daughter – what are dads for? 🙂

  2. taylhis, actually if I had gotten a newer truck from the U-haul place it wouldn’t have been as bad. The newer “Gentle-Ride” trucks have a decent ride for a truck. I did not have one of those. 🙁 It did feel like it had no shocks. I was hoping to get enough moving help to just supervise, but that didn’t happen. 😉

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