Last day of March…


And that means that April Fool’s Day is tomorrow…

I’ve always like this day, since I have a very gullible daughter. My tricks on her are infamous in family discussions. I’m searching my devious little brain right now trying to come up with another trick or more that I can pull on anyone of my daughters.

I also have to think of a prank or two to pull on people at work.. Can’t be too bad, or I’ll get in trouble.

Anyone know of any good gags, pranks, tricks?

I’ll post if I am able to pull anything off tomorrow. Be on your guard if I know you… You will never know if a prank is in your future..

2 thoughts on “Last day of March…”

  1. Hacker… Nice try, I waited until after 8:30 and nothing happened… Good try on an April Fools’ prank. If I wasn’t such a prankster myself, I may have fallen for it. The “April Fools” in the Tags gave it away…

  2. Victory!!! Okay, half. I may not have gotten you, but for the first year in all my 26, I *did not* fall for your prank! Admittedly, if we hadn’t tried pulling the same prank on each other… But still! 😀

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