Halloween and this time of the year


This is one of the strange seasons of the year. I’ve always enjoyed Halloween with all the ghouls, goblins and ghosts associated with it. But this time of year also brings to mind some very sad memories.

In 2000, just prior to Halloween, my my mother passed away. In 2001, just after Halloween, my father passed away. In 2003 around Halloween, my wife was struggling with all sorts of problems that a cause could not be determined. She died before the start of the New Year. Sad thoughts sometimes fill my mind at this time of year, and will haunt my thought through the end of the year.

Will these thoughts be with me 100% of the time? Not anymore. Time does, after a fashion, heal all wounds. What they never tell you is that you may not like the way you heal. Break a bone and you may have re-occurring pain whenever the weather changes. Lose a loved one and you my feel that grief sneak back in when you least expect it.

When the fall leaves start changing and falling on the ground, I tend to thing a lot about my father. This was the time of year we spent cutting down trees and moving wood. We did this together because it made the job a bit easier. It is still hard work, but we were able to laugh and joke during it. Laughter makes light work.

Sunday afternoons, I sometimes find myself thinking of my mother. Sunday dinners with the family were always a welcome addition to the day.

There are many times, places and events that bring back memories of my wife. Watching our daughters is one of those events. While other see my my features in my daughters, I tend to see their mother’s features. That is sometimes uncanny.

The smell of baking apples, or hot cider remind me of my wife. Hot tea at night remind me of her also. I could spend days writing about all the things that remind me of her.

All of these memories, plus memories of other loved ones who are no longer with us, are generally good memories. They are, however, memories tinged with a bit of sadness. Things that won’t happen again. Places in the past that just live in the corners of my mind. Sadness that new things won’t happen. There are no new stories to tell about them.

This weekend, my youngest will be involved in her school’s show choir. They are giving a show for some group. I’m not even sure yet if I can see it. This is something her grandparents, and mother would be waiting to see. The stories of the show would be family conversation for a good long time. There are many voices that have been silenced. I miss their viewpoints.

There may be more “memory” posts to come, who knows where or when this mood will hit…

7 thoughts on “Halloween and this time of the year”

  1. Memory posts are very good. For the poster to remember and to share and if the mood suits to relieve that small tinge of sadness. It also allows the reader a chance to learn more about the poster. Very nice post, justj

  2. John, I know exactly what you mean. Life goes on, but the memories are there, and they bring joy but also sadness.
    I remember my husband got diagnosed right before Halloween, and as we thought we could beat this disease, we were very optimistic and celebrated Halloween like any other person. How little did we know that this would be his last Halloween at home. How sad!

    I’m trying very hard though to make it a good day with good new memories for the kids.
    And John, you cannot really skip your child’s show. I know it will be so hard, but there isn’t much of an option.

    Big hugs,

  3. Tanja

    Some of my daughter’s performances are for private groups. They don’t allow parents, friends or family in to see the performance, unless you are a member of the group. So, I’m not sure if I can see this performance yet.

    For years, in this area, they have been one of the best High School Show/Dance Choirs around.

  4. relatively speaking

    I tend to get melancholic at this time also, so I try to focus on happier memories. Here’s some from waaay, way back. Hope you get a kick out of them too.

    Remember how Dad used to scare us while we were watching scary movies? How about when Mom smushed an ice cream cone on Dad’s nose on his dare that she wouldn’t? I still smile when I think about Mom’s apple pie (YUM!!!) and the time when our siblings soon to be mother-in-law thought we were starving because we carried on so teasing about how much more pie we’d get once our sibling married.

    I also have fond memories of a brother taking his sister trick-or-treating…

  5. I do remember the ice cream cone. I would really like one of those deep rectangular apple pies. I want the big piece in the middle.

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