Four legged furry friends…


Yes, a post about dogs, cats, rats, mice, rabbit, chinchillas and all the other furry animals we share our homes and lives with.

I have a house filled with small animals. 1 dog, 1 rabbit and 7 chinchillas. Over the years we’ve had mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and one hedge hog. I was never really a pet person, all pets in the house were my wife’s or daughters’. Our little dog was a working dog. He was for part of his life a hearing-ear-dog. After my wife died, he quit that job, and just became a grump. But at times he can be a very good little dog. Because of who he is and what his job was, he does hold a special spot in the house (right behind the couch).

The chinchilla is probably the softest animal around. While they are usually very active and inquisitive, some of them will sit still for some cuddling time. Some like to be petted, some don’t. I think they’re as picky as cats.

Rabbits are also very soft animals, and will generally sit still for a while to be petted. They will let you know when they are done with it though. You generally find yourself with a wet lap.

The other little furry pets all have good points and bad, but they can bond and will bond with people. I’m not sure why that is, but it has happened in this house.

Now most of the animals in this house are coming to the end of their natural lives. I’m not sure if this house will ever be without pets, but the years with these pets is slowing going to pass. Dogs and chinchillas will both live 15 years or so. The oldest may be past that, I’m not sure she was old when we got her. The rabbits can live about 10 years, so our little rabbit is almost there. I’m not sure what we will do when the last little furry friend is gone. That can be thought about later.

These little friends have meant a lot to this family, and sometimes even kept us sane.

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  1. And I didn’t mention the frog! At one time, we had somewhere around 18 chinchillas (they were breeding, so the exact count could vary), 3 rabbits, 1 hedge hog, 1 guinea pig, a parakeet, some fish, a dog , a turtle, and various frogs, toads and other creatures from the back yard. I’m pretty sure they all had names, except for some of the fish…

  2. Good point, Jamiahsh – down to 3 pets only, it’s unbelievable… but the # of 2-leggers is growing rapidly… not sure which I’d rather have at times 😉

    Maybe I should start thinking more seriously about that tortoise…

    And justj – if you ever need a furry friend, my babysitter seems to have an obsession with acquiring and then “getting rid of” animals – it ticks me off! She is always trying to find a home for something – hamsters, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, you name it, then if she can’t, she will let it go into the wild or something equally dumb in order to make room for the next victim, err “pet”. Thank goodness she hasn’t discovered chinchillas yet.

  3. Yes, that does have a tendency to happen. Unless, of course, you own a long-living animal like our mutual friend above this post. Growing up, and for a short time after, we had hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, two dogs, many cats (up to eight at a time), and I think my brother had a snake at one point. They are all gone now.

  4. I always have and had pets in the house, I cannot live without them! Now I have two dogs, a cat, and three that are called kids.
    Love them all.

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