Evening Ramblings


It is about time to get some shuteye this evening, but unfortunately I’ve gotten my second wind. That never bodes well for getting a good nights sleep. While I was getting sleepy while watching a show with my daughter, just after the show ended, I’m wide awake.

I’m already getting sick and tired of the political season, and we aren’t out of the primaries yet. I’m might be physically ill by the time the general election rolls around.

Baseball news isn’t too good for the teams I follow.. Extra inning losses for both the Cubs and Tigers. While I’m a life long Tiger fan, I follow and root for the Cubs as long as they aren’t playing the Tigers. I guess you would call me a Cub convert.

A sunny warm day and warm evening would be wonderful. I think I’ve had enough snow, ice and rain to last for a while.

I think I learned my lesson about grocery shopping on an empty stomach. I just went in for some milk and potatoes for dinner this evening. I had everything else I needed. I picked up berries, a roasted chicken, some other odds and ends I didn’t need. Oh well, it shouldn’t go to waste. The chicken was very good.

I think I need to find a movie to watch for later this week. I’m not sure what I want to watch.

Oh well, I should try to sleep….

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