Doing the Locomotion…


My youngest just heard that she was selected to be in our local High Schools Singing/Dance Troop. Since the mascot of the school is a Locomotive, they call the troop Locomotion. Over the years this has been an award winning group of young singer/dancers. The competition for spots is almost fierce. I always thought she had the voice to be in it, but I wasn’t sure of the dance moves. She gets none of that talent from me, I know very little about singing or dancing (and I couldn’t care less). I am proud of this wonderful young lady who tried out year after year, finally making it in for her Senior year.

This will give me one more thing to write about, as she travels to dance competitions, and does local performances. I know I’m in for an interesting year, and so is she.

5 thoughts on “Doing the Locomotion…”


    But wait, senior year already?!? Where has the time gone?

    Tell her we are so proud of her!

  2. Yes, senior year… I’ve often wondered where the time goes. Before I know it I’ll be having to pay for another set of Senior Pictures, Graduation Parties, college… Hmm.

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