Countdown to Saturday — Tuesday already?

And we still need the bloody scissors… (that’s the British use of bloody.) I was able to find a very expensive stethoscope, but the 5 1/2 inch Lister bandage scissors are not available locally. If I knew they would get here on time, I would order them online, but I didn’t think of that sooner. These should be available at the school before classes start. I hope so. I still have one or two places to check, but the time is limited.

Scrubs are still in transit (as far as I know). I hope they get in soon too. I would like to make sure everything is in place.

Other than getting all the ducks in a row, things are moving along. The countdown continues….

6 thoughts on “Countdown to Saturday — Tuesday already?”

  1. It’s kind of like a school-supply scavenger hunt for animal supplies! Sounds like fun! Need any help – ask Admin, he is resourceful!

  2. You do know that the British “bloody” is as much foul language as the universal(?) “f**king”, right? I have been corrected on that before when I thought I wasn’t cursing when I chose to use that word myself.

  3. Well aware of the British usage. And it isn’t one of the seven words we can’t say on TV. 😉 I just wanted people to realize I wasn’t talking about stained scissors.

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