Countdown to Saturday — Checklist

scissors — check
scrubs — check
Stethoscope — check
coveralls — check
boots — check
white leather shoes — check
hoof pick — check
id — check
thermometer — check

I have to be missing something don’t I? If we get everything packed we should have everything. Just a few odds and ends. Food, other necessities. We should be ready to go early Saturday Morning. I’m sure there will be something missed, but it is only an hour drive. An hour in a different direction from any other family members, but still only an hour.

I still find it a little hard to believe that my youngest is old enough to be heading off to college. Then again, I didn’t think my other daughters were old enough to get married. Sad thing that their mother was not alive to see any of this. A lot has happened in the last 5.666666 years. Yep, this Sunday is 5 and 2/3 years since that lovely lady left this earth. Graduations, marriages and happenings both happy and sad., life has been moving along.

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Saturday — Checklist”

  1. It must be strange to think about that, but each of your daughters were blessed to have such a dedicated and loving father. And from past experience it doesn’t matter how many times you check that list… prove me wrong.

  2. So did you get it all to fit? And will she be coming back for game nights and softball games or just to see old friends?

  3. We won’t be sure of her schedule until she starts classes. All of the Vet-Tech students have to take some weekends in the lab. They are in charge of feeding, cleaning and giving the animals attention during breaks. I know my darling daughter wants to get a job while attending school too. I’m not going to push hard for that until she gets a handle on her school work.

    As to her schedule to come home, we will see.

  4. jamiahsh, you are absolutely correct. We were all (and still are) blessed to have such a Daddy as ours. Always there with a hug, or advice, or a spanking, depending on which we needed at the time. Sometimes all three. Now, we still have hugs and advice. I like to think we don’t need the spankings anymore. But we do still need our Daddy, even if just over the phone.

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