Because my daughters are precious to me


I went to search for a bunch of sites about the current plight of frogs, after seeing one daughter write about Frogs.

So here they are for your attention:

Save The Frogs
Year of the Frog
Care to Make a Difference
Nerdy Science
NZ Frogs
😉 Coffee and Frogs
Amphibian Conservation
A thousand Friends of Frogs

Just Frog related:
Wiki Frogs
Frog Land
Expolratorium Frogs
Frog Sounds

Commercial store:
Frog Store

And a local radio station:
I Love Froggy 106.7

3 thoughts on “Because my daughters are precious to me”

  1. What can be done to help the frogs? Not my favorite animal, but I wouldn’t want to see any animal go extinct.
    justj is MIA! Are you still there? Haven’t blogged nor posted in awhile… Hope everything’s alright…

  2. Still here, just been busy.

    To save frogs? Well, I’m going to stop eating frog legs. Looking at all the sites, they want donations. Some even sell shirts and posters. Not sure what good it will do. Supporting local parks and wildlife areas will help. Support local zoos that are on an endangered wildlife program.

    Yes, daughter dear, I won’t even mention places that serve frog legs.

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