After 5 and 1/2


Today would have been my wife’s 47th birthday. She never got to celebrate any birthday past her 41st. In the past I’ve bought coffee for everyone that entered our favorite coffee shop. That little place closed many years ago, and that ‘tradition’ has ended.

A new tradition started that first birthday she did not get to celebrate. I took my available daughters to a Mexican restaurant. Mexican food was always her favorite, and would be the request if we went out to dinner on her birthday. So what family I can get together, celebrates the day with a little Mexican cuisine.

Today it was my two youngest daughters and newest son-in-law. It saddens me a bit that the two youngest son-in-laws never met their brides’ mother. From what has been said, my first son-in-law liked her. I’m a bit biased, but I thought she was special.

After lunch today we celebrated the first birthday of a very special young man. Check other Tangents blogs for more information on this.

All in all a very relaxing day.

3 thoughts on “After 5 and 1/2”

  1. Everything I have heard about her makes me believe that she was very special, indeed. How great that you remember and celebrate many of the milestones you shared.

  2. The date dawned on me a few days ago – I hope you didn’t mind coming over on such a special day. We are really glad you came. I remember sharing her 45th birthday with you at Stony Ridge relaxing by the pond and hearing stories about her – a great way to spend what could otherwise be a sad day. If you ever want to do that again, we’re here!

  3. He’s not here to type this himself, but I can confirm that the first son-in-law thought she was absolutely extraordinary. And his family thinks she was wonderful, too, and they never met her. They are basing their opinion off the way you and Mom raised me. (Hence half of his family coming to her funeral after only knowing me for a year or so.)

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