7 Years Ago


7 years ago my best friend, the love of my life and mother of my children left this world. Cancer claimed yet another victim.

This year, I will spend the day with two of my Florida family. I’m not sure what we will be doing, but throughout the day I will be thinking of her.

After 7 years, the pain in my heart is dulled. Time has done that. Memories, mostly pleasant, have filled the have filled the places where pain once stayed. Life continued even when I didn’t want it to.

I’ve tried to remember what the pain I had experienced. Others have lost loved ones this past year, I had hoped my experience could help, but I know nothing will relieve the pain. It must be lived through. It must be experienced. It must be faced for healing to occur.

I know for a fact that time will not heal all wounds. Some stay with you the rest of your life. Those wounds, both physical and mental, are part of your life. You live with them. They become part of your fiber. They become a part of who you are.

On this 30th of December, I will pause to wish all a Happy New Year. May it bring joy to you and yours. If not joy, may it bring just a bit of hope and peace.

3 thoughts on “7 Years Ago”

  1. I’m glad that you are with family today. I hope you have the best New Year’s celebration possible and a safe trip home. So great to read from you again. I hope your vacation was super! It was well deserved, and I’m glad you got to take one. 🙂
    Although I never got the privilege of meeting the love of your life, I know the wonderful people she left behind, and I will pray for your family on this, the darkest of anniversaries.

  2. Memories made with loved ones never fade. May you and yours take time to remember your best friend as the wonderful person that your current friends take extreme pleasure in knowing through the sharing of those who knew and loved her best! enjoy the rest of your vacation and peace and prosperity in the new year

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