Our (Thirty) First Year Checkup


My son had his 12 month checkup at the pediatrician the other day, and all is well!  It was kind of strange though, when the doctor asked my husband if I snored a lot.  My husband admitted I do, and then the doctor proceeded to make me breathe for him.  What the heck – is this a normal part of how a one-year-old baby is examined, by exploring the mother’s snoring habits?  The doctor then started describing some of my behavior as of late – you are tired all the time, and you feel lazy.  Right on!  He said he could tell just by looking at my puffy eyes that I probably have allergy problems, which is inhibiting my sleep patterns – did I mention that our pediatrician is also the county’s medical sleep expert?  So he recommended that I start taking Claritin and some nose drops.  I tried the nose drops yesterday, and already I could breathe better through my nose better than I’ve been able to in months – funny how you don’t notice things like this, but I’ve been so busy, I thought I was just tired from all the busy-ness, and I didn’t really notice that I wasn’t able to breathe much through my nose.  I did notice that I’ve been itchy constantly – my eyes, behind my face, and now, I have this nasty spider bite on my knee I got on the 4th of July that will not go away – I itch constantly!  I’m really hoping the Claritin works, and I can be back to the energetic mom I so want to be!  Hey, maybe the allergy medicine will work SO well that I can get myself a pet cat 😉

So anyway, like I said, everything is going great with my son.  I just thought it was weird when the focus of the doctor’s appointment turned to me.  He is doing great; he is 30 inches long which is exactly average for his age.  He weighs 21 lbs, which makes him a little on the smaller side, weight-wise, so we have to try to fatten him up.  The doctor also said he should be standing more, but then again, I had scheduled his appointment for during his nap, so we had to wake him up to see the doctor.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t exactly be thrilled about standing up for someone in the middle of my nap either!

4 thoughts on “Our (Thirty) First Year Checkup”

  1. Huh, I thought my laziness and tiredness was because I was tired and lazy!!! Who’s your doctor???

    Glad the little guy is doing well! And glad his momma is improving!!! 🙂

    Have a great week!!!

  2. Phyllis Beyer

    Very interesting….I remember when you were younger you needed an inhaler for a year or so. Sorry, but I don’t remember any specifics.

  3. I wouldn’t be happy if I got woken from a nap to go to the doctor. But weird and wonderful how it turned and seems to help you. Eat, Beeber, EAT! HAHA!!

  4. I could probably use something like Claritin myself, except I am paranoid about future liver problems many drugs cause.

    Glad to hear CVA is doing great.

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