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Another fog day, so the kids are off school.  They’re playing with each other right now, so I have a few minutes…  why bother to start cleaning when I know that they’ll be “momming” me any second?  The house is a disaster, and it needs a good few hours of attention at least.  Why bother starting laundry?  The bird will only scream at me and rile up the kids who are otherwise being good.

A fellow tangents blogger recently wrote about the grey days of winter, and I guess I’m feeling that now.  It’s too cold to bundle up the kids and take them anywhere, and we’re really trying to watch our pennies anyway – taking them out costs money, even if just the gas in the car, it’s still more expensive than staying home.  Can’t walk anywhere because it’s too cold.  So, we’re staying home, trying to keep all 5 of us out of the way of my husband, who works at home and is, of course, working all day.

No need to bring you up to speed on the current happenings in my life – just every day stuff, laced with a little bad luck.  Nothing to spread any “cheer” about.

We’ve watched a few movies recently; saw Star Wars for the first time as an adult.  Growing up in the 80’s, I saw clips of the most famous parts as a kid.  My husband and I both had the stomach flu last week, and we couldn’t sleep, so we stayed up and watched Star Wars.  It was entertaining; not my kind of movie, but perhaps eventually I will watch the other movies in the series.  Here’s a question for Star Wars fans:  I know that they re-released the movie with digital enhancements, including the scene with Jabba the Hut.  So did they film that as new footage for the re-release?  Harrison Ford did look like he could be decades older…

And speaking of series, I have begun to read the Harry Potter series.  I’m about 50 pages away from finishing the first book, and I’m really enjoying it.  I was really excited to watch the movie when I was finished with the book,  but then I started thinking that I might want to keep my own vision of Hogwarts.  Might the movie ruin the picture I have in my head?  Using imagination is fun; I don’t want to take that away from myself or lose motivation to finish reading the series.  Then again, I’ve never heard any Potter fans complain that the movies didn’t do the books justice; I hear they are very good.  I’m just wondering if I should wait until I’m done with or at least a little further in the series to watch the movies.

Then again, it’s not like we have a lot of time to watch  movies, anyway.  With my husband back on full time and us still fulfilling our youth group and other obligations, as well as caring for our 4 kids (who don’t sleep a lot!), by the time we put in a movie for “us” time, we are both dozing and can’t get through an entire one anyway.  Sigh.  Well, not to be negative, but the grey days of winter are here.  Can’t wait until spring!!!  GO CUBS!  Maybe THIS year…

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  1. I would definitely watch the remaining original SW movies first… not a bad idea. In the original release of the first movie, a scene with Han Solo and a human Jabba the Hutt was filmed but ended up on the cutting room floor. For the Special Edition release of the 90s, the scene was added and the human Hutt was replaced with the “slimy piece of worm-ridden filth” we all remember fondly from Return of the Jedi using the marvel that is CGI technology.

  2. I do remember that I first read the first three Potter books as the first movie was being released. I had the first book finished before and I don’t think it took away from any of my enjoyment.

  3. Well, I meant nothing INTERESTING to say, or even anything positive for that matter. But for that, I did find a bunch of things to write… too bad I don’t get paid by the word! 😉

  4. jamiahsh said almost everything I was going to say.

    As far as the Harry Potter Books and Movies. I found that the first two movies tried very hard to stay faithful to the books. There were some differences, but they seemed insignificant. I think that they did a great job of casting and set design for this. They wanted to keep the set audience of book readers. Since the movies are making an average of 285 million for each movie release, they are doing a good job.

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