It’s Cookie Time!


It’s that time of year again – my daughter will be one of thousands of girls selling the yummily famous Girl Scout cookies.  I’m not selling them online, but rather using my blog to post info you may need to help you decide how many boxes of what kinds you’d like to order.  Click here to meet the cookies.  If you’d like to support the wonderful cause of Girl Scouts and get some delicious snacks at the same time, just let me know how many boxes of which flavor you’d like – they’re $3 per box.  Thanks for your support!

10 thoughts on “It’s Cookie Time!”

  1. Ok… one THIN MINT (YUMMMMY), one Do-Si-Dos, and one Tagalongs. Total $9.00. And yes, I had to cheat on the last two 🙂

  2. Cookie time!!! I will have to think about my decisions on this.

    Trying again on another browser, the spam blocking doesn’t seem to like me.

  3. Yes she enjoys it very much, thanks for asking! They have a great leader this year, unlike 2 years ago when the troop leader STOLE their money and didn’t take them on outings.

  4. No and no. She lied about things, never apologized. Told the kids they were going to Build-a-Bear (and other places) with their cookie money and never took them. I wrote to the Girl Scouts, but they never responded… I feel a blog post coming on!

  5. Taylhis

    That is just sad about the leader. Even sadder that the Girl Scouts did nothing to correct the situation. Yes, that sounds like a blog post.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Put me down for two boxes, please: one lemon chalet cremes and one thin mints. My neighbor is selling them,too, but they are $4.00 per box here! Strange!

    Love you, and hope everyone is doing well!


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