I’m Thinking… I’m Thinking…


Some comic relief in the title of this post to distract me from quite an overwhelming day today:

Received some devastating news (for us, but don’t worry – it’s great news for some friends of ours) prayed about it, and examined the possibilities that may arise from it.  There’s also been several intriguing and exciting  doors being revealed to us lately, and we are praying on, thinking about, and waiting to see which ones will open and where they might lead.  We’ve been contemplating a huge decision in the past few months regarding our family, and it’s time to finalize that decision.  We spent some time with friends today gathering information and establishing a support system for this possible lifestyle change.  I’m excited but for the lack of sleep wearing me down and making me feel overwhelmed – it’s all a lot to process.  I will write more in a bit – as you can see, I have a new keyboard.  I have a whole July manifest half-written that’s kept me busy – I want the kids to be able to read about our family’s stellar July 2011 on my blog someday, so I’d better get around to it.  Same thing with my chronicle of the Florida trip we took in January that still has the last part missing 6 months later – oops.   I don’t know what my problem is – the only thing that distracts me from blogging is doing homework for my Bible study class – and the fact that I found my Zoo Tycoon game; that’s really distracting from productivity.  And oh yeah – the 4 kids running around the house because it’s been too hot to play outside; that can make blogging a bit difficult.

3 thoughts on “I’m Thinking… I’m Thinking…”

  1. Devastating news that is good for friends? Exciting doors? Sounds like you have a few irons in the fire. Always with the best for you my friends.

  2. Just getting back to reading blogs again after a really busy week at work following the sewage upheaval of 2011 (into ours and several of our neighbors’ basements). The house still stinks of must…

    Big changes? Sorry to hear about the closed door, but I am glad you are looking at other exciting ones that are still open. I patiently await further news of this when you are ready and able to post.

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