Blogging In The Great Outdoors


Now that school is out, we decided to take a last minute camping trip with the kids and dogs, and it’s been wonderful.  More on that later – I am in a cabin, “roughing it” in the great outdoors (so to speak – we do have beds, running water, a bathroom, a/c, even a little fridge and microwave), but it doesn’t even seem appropriate to be using a computer – just kind of takes away from the outdoorsy ambiance a little bit.  But it rained yesterday, with more storms forecast for today and tomorrow, so I figured I would use some of my free time to let my faithful readers know that I haven’t skipped town.  Well, I kind of have skipped town, but in a good way, and someday soon, I’ll be back to blogging like a maniac whenever I have the chance…

Until then…

3 thoughts on “Blogging In The Great Outdoors”

  1. Sounds like my kind of campking trip, actually. As long as there is air conditioning or at least power for a fan, and a real toilet that flushes I’m happy.

    Hope you’re having/had a good time!

  2. Happy summer! Though school isn’t out here quite yet. Supersize is out after their 2-hour Friday, but the rest don’t finish until at least next Wednesday. However, for me summer has pretty much begun as of today as I don’t see myself finding many more jobs. I was lucky so far this week to have three though, so anything’s possible I suppose.

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