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Two posts this month so far!  Okay, that’s the last I’ll say about my lack of posting over the last couple of months.  No essay here like other bloggers, just a news flash.  Last week, less than a week after snowmageddon ’11 (hey, that almost rhymes!), a village employee came a-knocking and informed us that a water main had burst under our driveway.  Yikes.  I knew there was water there, but I thought some of the snow had melted under the beating sun.  In the past, when snow started melting a low point on our sidewalk would become a pond.  The night before I saw this and tried to push the water to the driveway, thinking of letting it have somewhere to go.  Later, I noticed the entire sidewalk in front of our house had become drenched- an obvious sign of something worse than melting, but I didn’t think much of it.  Good thing the neighbors to one side never shoveled their walk, so no one would be walking on our sidewalk anyway.  So back to the village informant, within a few hours they had called several trucks over, waited for the gas company to mark their territory with yellow (paint my friends, what were you thinking? 😆 ), and then dug away with a backhoe and other equipment, a good four feet or so underground.  I was gone for much of this- by the time I returned the hole was nicely dug and they were fixing the pipe.  My guess it was to the fire hydrant by the driveway, so good thing they fixed it quickly- just in case.  Well, they filled it in once finished and satisfied, and went on their merry way.  Wait- what about the driveway?  Well, cold as it was, all they could do was flatten it out and put on a thin layer of asphalt.  Personally, I wish they did away with the asphalt altogether for the time being.  It is really uneven and very rough.  They said they would make a permanent fix in the spring.  Hopefully I will still have tires left come spring…

Oh, one unrelated thing- some might say a certain musical group at a certain annual Sunday event gave a “solid” performance, but I am with the bloggers/twitts (what do you call twitterers anyway?  Not the name I just gave them for sure!) who are, shall we say, in disagreement with this.  I say if the performance was solid, it certainly had cracks or chips in it due to one song.  Let me just say to Fergie of the BEPs, you tried (I’m sure), but you have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are no Axl Rose.  Never try to sing a GnR song publicly again please.  Ever.  Thank you, that is all.  I think my ears are still bleeding… 😮

And I won’t even mention another not-quite solid performance by another singer at that same event that same evening…

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  1. I did not like the half time show. I’ve never been fan of the BEPs, and I can forgive some sound system issues but not the horrible singing. I was a fan of the Disney Channel show Kids Inc. when I was a kid, and my favorite cast member was Stacey Ferguson, now known as Fergie, but that was when she could really sing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1Tn5sYPeG0&feature=related

    I can’t believe the village tore up your driveway and left it as your problem!!! Good to hear from you again so soon!!!!

  2. Not really our problem financially at least. They will come back in the spring to complete the job. I understand there is only so much they can do in the freezing cold. Incidentally, on the way to church tonight I passed another gusher spouting into the road. At least it’s above freezing for now, but tonight it will dip a bit into freezing levels again. Hopefully they salt that spot.

    And thanks for the link- I listened to a few of her songs and she wasn’t bad. I didn’t like her “One Moment in Time” rendition, but the other two I listened to were good.

  3. Yep hopefully next years event will be more (shall we say… Super). I remember Kids, Inc., too. K-I-D-S! YES!

    Hopefully, the driveway situation improves even before Spring arrives.

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