Adrenaline Overload


WOW… here it is 2AM wee hours of opening night and I cannot sleep.  Really, the last time this happened was opening morning of my favorite show and I got even less sleep for obvious reasons.. chief among them being I had to be up SUPER early to be on television promoting that show.  Plus, I had a good excuse then … I was used to being up at those crazy hours since I worked 3rd shift at the time.

Now, as Diamonds are Forever is nearing the end, maybe I will be able to just lay back and close my eyes… oops there is a yawn… maybe sleep is on the way.  Better to crash now than on stage tonight, eh?  But it’s so much fun to feel this rush.  Theatre is MY anti-drug.  And there goes the Bomb Surprise between the legs of Mr. Wynt and over the side of the cruise ship he goes.   And James Bond will return in Live and Let Die and I will sign off and let the adrenaline rush wear off.

2 thoughts on “Adrenaline Overload”

  1. I know the feeling of not sleeping lately… but mine isn’t caused by adrenaline – it’s kids and dogs instead. The good news is that last night we actually got Dis to sleep with the girls, so I got an uninterrupted night of sleep for the first time in a long time! The bad news is that it was uninterrupted but short since we had to wake early to hear Taylor’s class say the Pledge on the radio. Woke up early, and didn’t even hear it! But here’s to good rest – and BREAK A LEG!!!

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