Two In One

Day two of three of the play saw both an afternoon matinee as well as an evening show.  I am glad that we had the extra performance so that some of my friends in the Little Shop cast could come and watch our show.  I saw two of them, but the third must have been in a hurry to get out.  Lucky Mare pretty well gave away the huge clue of the show during the audience participation part and she swore that she did not know but just used her deductive talents.  However, the cast glossed over the revelation until the proper time.

Following the matinee, we walked to the nearby home of one of our youngest cast members who graciously hosted a cast party between shows.  Ate some chili and other goodies.  As a tip of the hat to the show, I took some donuts.  Really fun time getting to know the cast further.  Great times and we played some Apples to Apples.

I think our best audience so far was tonight’s crowd and not just because I had quite a few family members and friends who are like family.  And I got a  gift bag! Erasable highlighters… very cool with two bottles of Coke Zero and a can of Lay’s Chips.  And a surprise guest that I did not see coming… Cathy DUKES!  THANKS ALL!  Extremely easy to perform for an audience who is really receptive and participates.  I REALLY like these shows.  A small faux pas, I was responsible for some minor set damage, but we won’t get into that.

Tomorrow, the wrap up but like I said in a previous post… “whenever one door closes, another is soon to open.”

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  1. My earlier comment contained what might be considered a show spoiler and will be posted after the show’s run is complete…

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