Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself


Once again my reputation has followed me.  I walked uptown this afternoon to deposit three checks (ok… deposit two and cash my State Refund).  At the bank, I had the pleasure of meeting the new, quite personable manager.  I was immediately impressed.  First, he identified me as the “guy from the grocery store.”  So, I formally introduced myself.  He then began his spiel to see if I knew how to get the store to switch banks.  I told him it was not me… he would probably have to go to the big guy himself (Good luck with that).  I know the manager would be of no help.  That put me off a bit as I am not that high on the feeding chain, but after I was totally amazed.

He then mentioned that he has seen me in the paper (been a while) and on stage many times and asked what was coming up.  Well… next weekend I have an audition for the 10th Anniversary of an area theatre’s production of Joseph… His daughter is also planning to try out.  I asked if she had been to the theatre’s website where she could download an audition sheet as well as follow a link to some MIDI files of the songs from the show.  I have been going over “Benjamin Calypso” and other songs since  discovering the link.

This summer also marks the 10 year anniversary of my foray into community theatre.  I auditioned for FCF‘s first summer show but did not get a part.  Happily, I did not let this deter my efforts (a LOT of HELP from a certain teacher who is now helping from above did not hurt either).  The following summer, I tried out for a neighboring production of Joseph and got my first role in a non-school show… and a monster was born.  The first few years, I tried out for summer shows only.  The manager of my FPOE was not too keen on even that much rearranging of my schedule.  But the fabulous person in charge of the front end pleaded my case.  And the rest I will elaborate on later.  Always keep them wanting more (where have I heard that before).

But I will once again be auditioning for one of my favorite ALW shows.  Now if only the rights had not been taken away for the other (a toss up between Cats and Aspects of Love …. WOW… so not).

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8 thoughts on “Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself”

  1. Not really a big fan of Webber. Someday I may want to see a big production of the Phantom, but that would be about it. I’ll go to Joseph if anyone I know is in it.

  2. I love a good night of Andrew Lloyd Webber music. Sara Brightman has a CD of his songs. Wonderful. Good to relax to.

    Oh to be able to do one of his bigger shows. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to do Phantom at the Huber???? I can’t imagine what the royalties would be for something like that!!!!

    (We’d probably have to find a stronger chorus than the trolley folks, huh???? 😉 )

  3. IF the rights are ever released for amateur productions, I am sure the royalties would be OUTRAGEOUS. But like Les Mis, I think the rights will be tied up for for a few years yet.

  4. Breakdown of my votes:

    JCS – Movie only
    Phantom – Professional show, (musical) movie
    Joseph – Donny Osmond production, amateur production, performed

    While I have listened to AoL and Sunset B extensively, I have never seen them. I have listened to several other shows as well, just not as extensively as as these two (and the three I saw, which I have listened to just as much).

  5. Somehow, I think AoL is much better aurally (the music anyway). Totally off topic, I see there is a DVD release of Chess coming soon…. concert version, anyway.

  6. So a version that is meant to be listened to (“concert”) is being released in a visual format..? Are the singers in costume at least like Les Mis in concert?

  7. Anyone seen the Joseph movie they made? Yuck. At least the kids like it. I will be seeing that this summer. It’s my favorite musical and I had a role in choosing it. If only I can keep myself from singing along from the audience…
    Saw the Donny Osmond version 3 times – loved it. My friend was in the children’s chorus (she was the oldest at 14). My mom was chosen to be the scarf lady once. Also saw Phantom, but I was disappointed. Good luck at auds!

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