Off The Book & It Feels Soooo Fine


YAHOO!!!  I took the plunge and ditched the script for the entire rehearsal.  As a wise scientist once stated: “Once you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”  I will not say that I was perfect but I felt good after the evening was complete.  So fun and ultimately rewarding… now I can begin the tweaking of my character.  We also attempted to run the show using the lights: extensive blackouts, many light tricks and sound effects that will definitely need to be worked out during the next three weeks.  Hopefully, our tech crew will arrive soon to get all of their cues.  The entire cast was fumbling around in the dark on numerous occasions tonight but no one was seriously injured… yet.  I even got to provide a word following the run through.  As I have stated previously, this show is much more than an audience-participatory murder-mystery, I think it closely rivals some of the best melodramas out there.  I mentioned that most of the characters have lines that can be delivered as asides to the audience.  That was one of my few complaints with the last melodrama I saw staged… there were asides but the director chose not to have them blatantly directed to the audience which limited the amount of booing and cat-calling.

This new internet is crazy cool.  So much faster than the old Verizon.  Just sitting here makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.  Three weeks to go and our rehearsal schedule has changed so that we now have practices every night except Saturday.  Well… if they are needed (and I think they are, there is just so much to work out technically as well as theatrically).

5 thoughts on “Off The Book & It Feels Soooo Fine”

  1. Six nights a week for three weeks sounds kind of grueling- I hope they don’t burn everyone out. Well, except for you of course- I’m not sure it’s possible for you to be burned out on anything drama. 🙂

  2. So is the new internet the explanation for the blogging like crazy? Good to see you blogging so much, now to just find the time to read them…

  3. Well, I’m happy to read them, whenever I can…
    Apologize in advance for not being up to date tonight – you can tell me in person what I haven’t read yet!

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