Evilness IS Greatness


I believe we are now in our fourth week of rehearsals and still in the modified crampness that is the Huber’s costume shop.  BUT, we get the stage tomorrow night… HOORAH!!!!! Tonight, we put everything together… blocking and lines, the whole show start to finish.  Not too bad.  Travis was very pleased with our efforts.  One piece of advice was some of the casts dancing around on stage… which is always difficult the first couple times through… especially when it is a non-musical, non-dancing production.  However, this comment did not apply to me for obvious reasons that will be made quite clear when you come see the show the weekends of December 11 & 18..

Personally, I am quite pleased with my evilness so far.  I constantly hear references to “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and Scrooge… I still think Mr. Potter is even more sinister.  I have one line that I just love and cast members have commented on my delivery.  However, I need to look at my long passages.  I get on a devilish roll and then blank out on a line, but I AM OFF BOOK!

Still needs work but once we get on the stage it will all come to greatness!  And the Village Players NEW website is up and running… so check it out..  Although, I need to point out that on the online ticket ordering, only the first weekend is up…. something which Webman and I discovered   A small glitch I forgot to mention to the director.  Oh, Travis….

I almost forgot to mention the lovely drive home in the fine London fog that has only gotten worse as I make my way to watch the hilarious I Love You, Man.  Good luck with the drive in the morning or the delay whichever comes your way.

3 thoughts on “Evilness IS Greatness”

  1. Both weekends are now up on the ticketing site… I KNOW I updated that several weekends ago, so I have no explanation. I see they’ve gone through a bit of a site redesign as well, so maybe my changes got lost in the shuffle. But anyway, thanks for catching that!

    I cannot say enough how pleased I am with the whole cast so far. This show is coming along really well, and once we get on stage with the set and all that, I think things are going to really start to click! I can’t wait for the show!

  2. Thanks, Travis 😀 I can’t wait either! This is definitely another great character, cast, show, and total theatrical experience that will rank high on my list.

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