Driving Through The Snow And Ice

Who knew that the weatherman would be right for a change?!  We indeed got our wintry mix.  On the way to rehearsal, it was just beginning.  Starting out as a bit of rain, the freezing rain, and snow.  At intermission, I peeked out the window to see a mess.  Oh, boy what fun it will be to laugh and sing all the way home.  Not so much singing nor laughing.  After pulling in at home, I told Shelby that she could either stay here or call and have her parents pick her up in their 4WD.

But everything is so near audience-ready.  Isn’t it typical to have cast members not show for the next-to-last dress rehearsal?  Seems to me that it is.  That aside… this show is GOONA ROCK!!! YES, I meant to have “GOONA”  I am soooo anxious.  One cast member was counting the number of rehearsals/performances we have left.  WWWWWHHHAAAAT! Not sure what that was all about but… whatever.

So… hopefully, ol’ man winter gives us a break just a bit.  It is supposed to turn to all rain overnight.  I’m all for a white Christmas, but after December 25th, it can go bye-bye.

HOORAY!  I DID IT!!  And it only took a couple years!

I’m currently watching an old Bill Bixby Hulk Movie.  Before the big screen ‘block busters’, we had Bill and Lou as part of the Banner/Hulk duo.   The eyes turn green, the shirt rips and somehow he can keep the same pants buttoned.

No animation here,  just one very big man in green makeup.  I liked these shows when they first were first on the air.  I liked the stories they wrote, and I liked the acting in the show.  The show holds its own even after 20 years.  That is a tribute to good writing, directing and acting.

After starting to watch this show, I am hoping to see some of Bill Bixby’s other shows.   My Favorite Martian, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father and The Magician.   I will have to look see if I can find DVD’s of these other shows.  I wonder if they will hold up to the test of time.

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  1. Glad you made it home safely. As much as I don’t like some things about winter weather, I love the changes in the 4 seasons and think I would go nuts with the monotony of a consistent year-round climate.

  2. Now for the bitter cold tomorrow- and I have to work outside all day…

    Why is the poster showing as “admin”? Does it have anything to do with the name being changed from “jamiahsh” to “Jamy” on the very brief trial of the new concept site? Perhaps something got messed up when switching back- hmm.

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