A Wonderful Opening


It really was a great premiere.  Not sure how many audience members we had but on a Friday night during basketball season… Mr. Potter is definitely now high on my favorite character list.  I love doing evil!

Admin and Taylhis sat in the front row but with the lights on stage, I would have never known… not that I would try to look!  Beth (another game nighter) and her sister were in the audience.  The game nighter’s significant other was in another show… I do not believe successful human cloning is yet possible.

Jeff brought the three little ones.  After the show, they came to congratulate me.  Noah had gone under after the first act.  Elizabeth enjoyed it but Joshua stated that he did not have a great view… was he sitting behind a pole?

A Wonderful show a Wonderful cast, Wonderful fans (which someone is always quick to acknowledge… thanks pal! just wish my special one was still here, but know she was in spirit), and 5 more Wonderful shows to go.  So glad we have two weekends.  One is not nearly enough for this show… and two might not be (it’s been awhile since I have gone 2).

And a shoutout to my great Goon who finally was able to wheel me on and off every time.

Kudos also to the genius behind the 7.30 curtain time.  It allowed some people to stay and chat longer!  Just the right time.

7 thoughts on “A Wonderful Opening”

  1. I’m really glad for the 7:30 start time; it allowed time for that wonderful tour of the Huber! And I was worried about the front row gamble with the uncomfortable seats, but it paid off – the show went by really fast, the seats weren’t that bad, and I could finally see the stage! And I could have sworn at one point you were purposely staring right at us, but I guess not…

  2. Sounds like it was a good opening show. I hope to see it next weekend. I have a feeling it will be Saturday. I’m not sure when I will be back from Fort Wayne on Friday.

  3. Congrats! I think I may have to start looking up shows to try out for soon. Certainly this area has no lack of them, but I have to find where they are advertised as very few groups place ads in our paper.

  4. Great, j. We need “butts in the seats” next weekend, also. Yes, D I think you should search out shows in your area!

  5. Agreed, D – try looking at the sites of the companies you know exist and are close enough to you; they should have audition info there, might be worth a try.

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