A Rather Un-Read Through Read Through


This morning, I was to sing at a funeral in church.  The service was to begin at 10.30.  About 10.25, we were informed that some of the deceased’s family had not yet arrived at the funeral parlor so it would be a bit until the service started.  At 10.50, one of the alter boys came up to the choir loft and said that it would be 5/6 minutes before we started.  The organist finished playing a piece, then put on a disc that filled the time.  At 11.15, we finally began. The strange thing was, the few people who had forgone the procession that began at the funeral parlor kept looking back at me as if I knew what was going on.  One good thing about the service other than the fact that if finally went smoothly, the organist and I got a raise 😀  not that that is a great thing.  I do not jump at the chance to sing at funerals but will when asked and I am available.

Following the service, I went down to the basement to pay my respects.  I know the family, not well, but enough to feel the need to go down and enjoy their company, briefly.  I had to be at a read-through this afternoon.

Well, I was informed last night that the director was unsure how many people were going to be able to be present to read.  So about 2.30, she decided that no one other than the musical director, producer and grandpa were going to come.  We discussed costuming and was delighted to learn that their costume room is every bit as disorganized as the one I am accustomed to.  I wonder how their prop room is.

So I then came home, read through the prompt book and chorus book on my own and came to the conclusion that Grandpa Prophater will be another memorable role.  I am part of many songs in which I have solo lines (why be in a musical if you are not going to sing?… one of the other aspects of the show I could do without, but… my two left feet will just have to do) and have a better part than the role I was encouraged to read for at auditions.  In fact, this afternoon I was complimented on my reading of Grandpa at auditions.  I did get introduced to the young girl who will be playing the role of Tootie who was encouraged to practice being loud and obnoxious.  Was it too late to change roles?  Oh, wait… sorry (don’t think I can be loud and obnoxious not to mention the other two obvious qualities that would prohibit me from assuming the part).

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