A New Season Opens


Tonight was the opening for the WCCT’s first show of the 2009-2010 season.  Over the Tavern tells the story of Rudy, a young Catholic boy who questions his upbringing in the church.  The young man finds himself at odds with his teacher, the formidable ‘ster Clarissa.  Life at home is not much better.  I will call it nearly normal.  Not quite insane enough to be termed dysfunctional; but nowhere the idyllic lifestyle which Rudy longs for: the world of 50s family series television headed by Robert Young (of Father Knows Best).  If anyone tells you that their family is the picture of perfection, they are either delusional or pulling your leg. Each member of Pazinski clan (father Chet, mother Ellen, oldest brother Eddie, sister Annie, Rudolph, and little Georgie …. HE HAS TO BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED) each have life experiences which play into the drama.

Each member of the cast was just great from veterans who have been on stage several times to the young boys who are just beginning to step on stage.  Those of us who were raised in a Catholic home were transported back to the classroom in which the fear of God was instilled in you with a ruler cracking your hand.  Rudy and Eddie in the bedroom on bunk beds took me back to my childhood when I shared a room with my older brother and the battles therein.

I would feel terrible if I did not mention my friend’s return to the stage.  Megan was just terrific.  Although I have shared the stage with her before, I have never had the pleasure of seeing her on stage.  Her facial expressions, timing, entire characterization made everyone believe that she was 16 years old going through her own life’s trials and whose hair belongs to her parents until she is 21.  Ironically, Carol reminded me that that would be in a few short days.  I told Megan that I hope it is not another 2 seasons before she graces the stage.

The whole cast, set, the entire production of Over the Tavern kicked off the new theatre season in hilarious fashion.  I arrived a bit early to offer good wishes to all and found myself stuffing programs and running into the frantic director who typically appeared to be quite frazzled for whatever reason.

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