A New Adventure Awaits


I got an email tonight that has lifted my spirits quite a bit!.  There is a new theatre group just starting to get on its feet in the area.  I was invited to be a member of the cast for its second show coming Valentine’s weekend.  What little I know about it (don’t even have a title) is that it is another Murder Mystery with a twist… full of improv.  Kind of a scary word that, but when was the last time I turned down a challenge?  This will also stretch my acting chops even further by seeing how well I act under pressure.  Could be fun and yet another venue to conquer.  Three rehearsals only… whoo whee!  Sounds fun.

2 thoughts on “A New Adventure Awaits”

  1. I just re-read the email I received giving me the jist of my character and I LOVE IT. I see great possibilities. Maybe the improv will not be so daunting after all.

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