A Great Character Role


HOOORAY FOR ME!!!!  I got home from work and saw that I had a message on the machine.  Unfortunately, the caller did not leave a message when the device picked up.  Fortunately, the caller id listed her name and phone number.  I had to wait until the parents got home so I could use her cell phone (yet another reason I need to look into one of those) as we do not have long distance at the house.  While waiting, some of my best friends who have been as anxious as I to learn the results of the audition called to find out.

I eventually got a return call informing me that I did indeed get a part.  I think this will be another memorable role.  I will be playing Grandpa Prophater, the father of Mrs. Smith.  I was informed that this is a wonderful character part.  HOW DID SHE KNOW!!!  Maybe it was the bio sheet I turned in last night.  After thinking over the lines I read last night at the audition, it occured to me that it would be great fun to wear lots of make up in order to look like a 60+ year-old.  The director even told me that she had me down as Alonso, the patriarch of the family.  However, she informed me that I would be able to do a lot with the older man.  The websites I checked out to see in which musical numbers I will be part of, I could find none but I was sure he had parts in songs which the family was a part of.  I will know more tomorrow after our read-through.  Plus, after I discussed with my friend, I decided that venturing out to another theatre is definitely a great thing.  Can you tell that I am really excited about this?!  Another great character role!!!!!

I dunno all this and I have known the director for about an hour.  What an impression I must have made!!

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  1. Character roles are some of the best things we can get on stage. While playing a lead, or heavy supporting actor is what some actors desire, I always want a character I can get a grip on. A character that makes me push myself as an actor. I’ve been lucky to have many of those roles during the years. Good luck with this.

    I do have some experience playing an old man, if you need a few pointers as to how to act old on stage. I’m sorry I can’t really help you on the makeup bit.

    Break a leg, I’m sorry I won’t be able to see it.

  2. Thanks, j. As you may have noticed, my favorite parts have always been character driven. Anyone can play a lead part, but it takes someone special(?) to bring life to a scene-stealing part. I wish you could be there, too but I TOTALLY understand, At least this is only going up OPENINg weekend of Lion so I will be there closing weekend.

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