A Case of MPD?


Monday night at rehearsal, we had about half the cast present without either of the directors.  This greatly limited the amount of work we could accomplish.  It was decided that we would once again run lines.  Quite often in these situations, actors are asked to read multiple roles.  I ended up being three of the four male parts.  At times this was quite humorous but most of the time it gave me even more insight into my own character;  who is Harnell Chesterton and what makes him tick (or in terms most theatre performers can relate: What is his motivation?  UGH!)  I believe I have a firm grasp on Mr. Chesterton’s persona.  However, for reasons that will hopefully be quite clear to those in the audience, I am having a bit of trouble with his lines, but they are getting there.  I have such a grasp that the assistant director told me that I was perfectly cast.  Two weeks in and my reputation has already preceded me!  C’est impossible!  No worries… by week’s end, I should be good.  I just need to visit my area Goodwill’s for a white dinner jacket.

3 thoughts on “A Case of MPD?”

  1. A white dinner jacket, huh? I will keep my eyes open. Let me know if you find one!!!

    I’m glad you’re keeping a positive attitude!!!!


  2. Thanks… our official costume mistress was going to scour them today and I can’t go til Friday. What’s not to be positive? I’M IN A SHOW! I was positive day one 😀

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