A Wonder Through The Ages


Since 1941, my favorite Amazonian princess has undergone slight changes in her costume.  However, beginning in the 6ooth edition of the Wonder Woman comic book, Diana’s costume will dramatically change.  In the beginning, she wore basically the same outfit that millions of fans would come to recognize with one difference, her blue, white-starred lower half  was a skirt.  By the ’50s she was in the short short version which Lynda Carter would famously adorn for three seasons over a 40 year time period on the television series.

I see a certain logic in this I guess.  Who would take a gorgeous female Amazon fighting crime in a skimpy outfit seriously?  On the other hand… why mess with tradition?

Let’s look at Princess Diana over the years:

Classic version from 1942
Fall of '42. Skirt to shorts
Remember this horrid costume from the horrible failed pilot of the early 70s? Starring Cathy Lee Crosby from That's Incredible.
The 1st Season WWI outfit. Almost there...
No THAT is a classic look. "Modern" 70s look. How did they explain the forward in time with the same actor playing Steve Trevor?

And finally…

The new look. Not as revealing but there is something there.

So… what do you think… classic or new look.  I seem to have forgotten how to create a poll.  So comments will do!  I just discovered how to add a poll so here we are:

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7 thoughts on “A Wonder Through The Ages”

  1. “I seem to have forgotten how to create a poll.” – hilarious!
    Maybe you have to install the poll widget on your new theme? LOVE the new look, by the way.
    As for Wonder Woman – I like the classic 70’s Lynda Carter look, but only because it’s nostalgic for me since I was a big fan of the tv show (watched it in the 80s though, don’t want to date myself beyond what I am, haha). But the new look is intriguing – any costume update that puts MORE clothes onto a character seems amazing in this day and age, doesn’t it?

  2. Hmm… I’ll give it a look. Thanks for the kudos I liked it too. Easier to read the posts. I am partial to the Lynda Carter version, too. I do remember watching the last season on first viewing. I thought the first season was hokey at best. But I do have all three seasons on DVD… maybe time to watch again!

  3. I failed to note that the new costume is definitely less patriotic. No eagle, no stars, but the red and blue are there. And you are right, taylhis revolutionary covering her up 😉 Maybe they are attempting to make her appear as a role model once again amidst all the scantily clad females of the day.

  4. I actually liked the 1st season of Wonder Woman the best, but I liked the later costume better.

    And of course the Second Steve Trevor was a relative. Son/Grandson my memory fails me on this.

  5. A guest likes the new look. Wonder if it was Ms. Carter, herself who reportedly does appreciate the new look.

  6. Looks like I’m with the majority- 70’s look FTW (for the win)! The proportions in the next two pics are just too exaggerated. And the last pic is just not WW, sorry.

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