Soul Mates


I just love it when our pastor’s sermons speak to me, which is actually quite often as he is a powerful speaker.  A few weeks ago, he was speaking of the relationship between Paul and Timothy, and the discussion that followed was of kindred spirits and soul mates.

This sermon made me think of my husband – we’ve always known we were made for each other.  And that leads to a funny story: just a few days before we heard this sermon in church, I was at the library looking for a movie to pick out for Hubby and I to watch that night.  My eyes fell upon UHF, a goofy late 80s comedy starring Weird Al Yankovic.  I  thought to myself, “He won’t want to watch that.” and I passed it up.  Later that night as we were picking a movie to watch, my husband says, “I feel like watching UHF, but we don’t have it.”  I could not stop laughing as I told him about how I thought of him in the library that day, and we had a good laugh together.  He had seen UHF years ago but not since and never with me (I had never seen it).  It’s not like it was one of his favorite movies or one he often felt like watching, and we had probably never even discussed it together.  Yet of all the movies just to randomly pop into our heads that day, we shared a random thought that was UHF.  🙂

Love You Honey

5 thoughts on “Soul Mates”

  1. Ah, Weird Al. I would probably buy one of his collections if I had a chance his parodies are so enjoyable.

    So did you go back to check it out? 🙂

  2. We did end up watching UHF that night 🙂
    Weird Al seems to be around still. I know he was part of the Toledo Zoo’s concert series – was it this year or last, I can’t remember. He is also one of the many celebrities (guess you would call him a celebrity) that has written a children’s book, he’s been on the kid’s (annoying) show Yo Gabba Gabba, and I think he has a new album due out soon…
    UHF was a silly kind of funny – something I could use in a movie every once and a while 🙂

  3. Nope hadn’t heard that before. Had to listen to it while I’m typing though – couldn’t handle that picture staring at me!
    And I’m surprised to hear it was a Wmart – I usually hear country there (no complaints outta me!)

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