Fridays Are Great


Not only because it was Good Friday, either.  I did join the choir yesterday for services at noon.  It was interesting because our priest skipped all over the place, leading many to believe that we were going to skip over the reading of Christ’s Passion all together.  Actually, one of my favorite moments of mass every year.  Resembling a play, with readers assuming various roles in the passion, the priest serving as Jesus and the congregation serving as the chorus of people sending Christ to his crucifixtion. However, Father Steve eventually got back on track and continued onward.  Someday, I would love to suggest that the choir (or soloist… never heard a choir version) sing “I Only Want to Say” from JCS.  The meaning of the song is found within the Bible if not the exact words.  Every year, I find myself reflecting on the sentiment.  Christ praying to His Father in the garden questioning whether or not He will actually be able to do “His will” moments before he is handed over.

I just learned that an EHS alum is part of the ensemble in a semi-professional production of Superstar at the Croswell Opera House in Adrian, Michigan that ends its run tonight.  If only Cindy’s mother would have let me know sooner…  Semi-professional since amateur rights are not available at this time 🙁

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  1. TGIF….Good Friday…Happy Easter…Easter is such a wonderful holiday…not only because of the obvious reasons….but also because of the touch of Spring in the air…and the hope of beautiful weather and good times to come….

  2. Honestly, looking at the lyrics for Gethsemane / I Only Want To Say, I can see why you don’t hear it in church. It makes the Jesus character look 100% human, 0% God. As all Christians know, Jesus was 100% human and at the same time 100% God.

    I’m glad you had a chance to perform in your choir. I performed in mine as well this weekend. More on that in a blog post.

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