D is for Dull


A dull life that is.  There has really been nothing exciting to write about.  Working, eating, browsing the web.  And the few days during the week I trek to my church for small group, AWANA, and service.  Easter service a few weeks ago topped last year’s.  An award-winning gospel artist returned to sing with us again, there were boatloads of confetti, and the addition of a balloon drop.  Just normal life at a large church. 😉

This week the first year of my third stint at AWANA came to a close with Sparks and TnT awards night.  Two of my kids gifted me with a card & bookmark, and some homemade pretzel/chocolate treats which were snarfed down the next day.  Yum.  It was a nice night with some worship from the AWANA worship leader, handouts of well over a hundred awards (some kids received more than one when they finished a book from the previous year plus the current one).  I was surprised to see several awards to older kids who did not have an official AWANA time to meet- at our church it only goes through 5th grade.  At least one winner was in high school.  AWANA does have clubs for junior high and high school so these were legitimate awards, it’s just that our church doesn’t support them on more than an individual basis.  It was nice to see several of my team (red) as well as ones on other teams I lead on the weekends earning awards.  One of my Sunday regulars won a gift card from the director too for earning the most points over the year for verses memorized, uniform, Bible, and bringing friends.  Our next meeting is a special fun night for book-finishers in June.  How many will actually be there I don’t know.  A couple of years ago when 4th and 5th grade ministry sponsored small group outings I had exactly one show up for each one.

Speaking of 4th and 5th grade ministry, this is an off weekend.  Next month is the final month for 5th-graders meaning there are only three meetings left for them before they graduate out of children’s ministry and into student ministry.  Three more times to make a difference in their lives before they, like their predecessors before them, leave me behind.

Well, that’s it for now.  Almost three months since my last post about my life (though I suppose reading that book mentioned in another post was a part as well, so less than three months then) and not much to write about.  Maybe the title is accurate after all…

Yes I did enjoy the trip to visit my lifelong (seen teen years anyway) friends last month, but they already know the details, so not much to say there, right? 🙂

3 thoughts on “D is for Dull”

  1. I don’t think your life is dull 🙂
    Find any new good food in your area lately? That’s the one thing I will never get sick of from Chicago, the food, so hearing about it is not dull 🙂
    So sweet of your kids to get you gifts and show their appreciation. I miss working with children’s ministry! As always, GREAT to hear from you, no matter how dull you feel it is 🙂

  2. Chicago pizza, Chicago Italian beef, Chicago hot dogs- well, two out of three ain’t bad. Sorry, I like ketchup on my dogs, no onion or relish.

    New food? Not really, no. I’m sure it’s out there though. Unfortunately I just don’t have the time with my job to lunch at any place but a fast food joint (local too, not just chains). I haven’t been able to support Chik-fil-a (sp?) as I would like what with it being Christian-based, but I was finally able to eat there a second time a week ago. The location near Woodfield is just crazy-busy during lunch time and it’s on the wrong side of the road to boot. No other location is near where I have been working.

    I just learned that I don’t have to boycott Pepsi products (whew) as they have made a reversal about working with a company that uses aborted baby stem cells for taste-testing somehow. They have announced they will no longer profit from this sort of practice either directly or through third-parties as they had been.

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