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It is June already and it looks like warm weather is finally here to stay.  Two weeks ago we somberly said goodbye to the 5th graders, sending them off in a prayer as we laid hands on them.  They finished not only the 4th/5th grade ministry, but moved out of children’s ministry altogether to student ministries where they will spend the next seven years.  This weekend, the third grade room remained dark, as it will for the next two months or so as we welcomed them as the new fourth grade.  At our church 3rd grade and up get bumped in June for camp reasons, but the younger kids have to wait until August.  I guess it is a little strange, the first weekend or so in June, to be called a fourth-grader (for example) when many have not yet finished third grade at school.

We also kicked off our summer series, Transformers.  Yes, we are borrowing off of a popular movie theme (yes it was a cartoon first, but seeing as how many of their parents weren’t even grown up at the time, let alone their own existence…).  However, the name is where similarities begin and end.  Unfortunately our worship band moved up with the old 5th-grade or out (the college-bound ones) so we are working on replacing them.  Hmm.  Actually, it was the Saturday night band that is gone, but we still did the song videos instead of the normal worship at 11:15 even though those band members were still present- I wonder why?

Saturday night I think we need guy leaders now in a big way.  I was the only one there, along with two gal leaders.  I know one will be coming back in a few weeks, but we could use more.  My “small” group was twenty-some boys- ideally, groups should be about six or so.  So anyway, the lesson was one on being rooted in Christ, and not comparing ourselves to one another.  As Paul wrote to the Phillipians, he had much call to call himself better than others as he was a “Hebrew of Hebrews,” a Pharisee, and zealous for his religion.  Instead, he counted it as loss, rubbish compared with his identity in Christ.  As His, we are equal no matter our station, our jobs, our finances, etc.

Moving on, did I mention camp?  Oh, yes I did.  Less than two weeks, and I am making trip #7 out there with an all new group!  There is much to be excited about, but one thing tops all others.  Every year we get something new.  In the past additions have included  a lodge building, a zipline, pontoon boats, and a waterslide (thankfully I started there the year after they got permanent showers…).  Well, this year apparently we got something a bit different.  Raise your hand if you ever wanted to be a hamster after watching them roll around in their hamster balls.  That’s right, our new addition to camp is in the form of two giant inflatable hamster, err- people balls called Zorbs.  Here is a random video found on youtube:

and from the inside:

Now that looks exciting.  I hope they don’t roll it down too steep of a hill though.  Imagine what would happen if one got sick in one of those…  Or, best not to imagine.

Anyway, a new year at church, a new post. I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

I really will try to post at least once more before Camp 2011.  I mean it.  That I will try, that is. 😉

6 thoughts on “Counting down”

  1. “Try not. Do or do not. There is not try” Hehehe. In any case, have a fun, fulfilling camp (if you don’t make it back to post before). The Zorb does sound GREAT!

  2. Our church is usually the same about needing more guy leaders. The ones we have are great, but there are too few willing to make the rewarding commitment. Too bad, the boys seem to connect with the adult males in such a wonderful way.
    Have a fun and safe trip to camp! Though I should read a post or two before then, right 😉
    Zorbs look like lots of fun!! Let me know how they are, don’t get sick in one (ew – can’t believe THAT was the thought you had), and post a video or pic of you in one!! HAVE FUN!!

  3. Bleh. All I have to do is get some sleep, which is getting harder and harder as this tooth pain of mine is worse at night. Without sleep, I will *not* be ready for camp…

    Seeing dentist in 10 hours now- hopefully this ordeal will be over soon.

  4. I take it you do not have dental thru work? There might be a dentist near you who has a sliding scale of payment based on your income. You should REALLY get that checked out!!

  5. I did, this morning. I have an appointment Friday morning with a surgeon who will give me a root canal. Fun. In the meantime, hello Vicodin prescription…

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