One Or Two Who May Be Getting Nuttin’ For Christmas


Tonight, the family and I went to the Junior high and high school chorus Christmas concert.  The band concert was last Monday night… was not informed of that until 6 o’clock that night.  My 13 year-old niece is in the 7th grade and is in the chorus.  I was pretty impressed with the younger group.  Some of those pieces were tough.  Not only did they have pieces in which there was at least two part harmonies going on, there was one song entitled “Dueling Christmas Trees” that had two entirely different melodies going on AT THE SAME TIME.  One section sang of the virtues of having a real, pine tree while the other half sang of the artificial variety.  Quite a difficult task for a young group to undertake, but it was a fun time.

The high school choir was also quite good.  I heard some fine voices in the group; particularly in the male section.  There were only four male voices in the 17 member group (there were not any in the first group). 🙁  One voice in particular came from a young man whom I shared the stage with in Love Rides the Rails, a melodrama which our community theatre presented 2 summers ago.  He played the hero’s sidekick while I played the villain’s right hand man.

I had only two questions about the concert.  Why in the world would you have a group sing 8 songs?!  I attended a past concert in which it seemed that every member of the choir came forth and sang an entire song by him/herself.  Now that goes a bit toooo far… and I love to sing and hear others sing.  PLUS… where were the decorations?!  OH, MY… Emily must surely be rolling in her grave.  But aside from those two details, it was an enjoyable concert…. EXCEPT for two young ladies (not mentioning who they belonged to or what their names are) who became rather loud and unruly as the concert went along.  As the chorus sang their last song, I told them both that they better listen to those words closely or they would get “Nuttin’ For Christmas,” too. 😉

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