Thanksgiving Tragedies


The holiday weekend was replete with joyous gatherings and happenings but two events seemed to have drawn a dark curtain upon its close.  One was the passing of one of my all-time favorite slap-stick comedy performers. Leslie Nielsen was known in his later days as a master of deadpan antics in such classic spoofs as Airplane! and the Naked Gun trilogy of movies.  However, did you know that he got his start as a serious actor mainly as guest spots on Golden Age television?  It was 1980s spoof of the airplane disaster movies of a decade earlier that put him into the comedy spotlight.  Shortly after that came the short-lived Police Squad! television series which led to the films.  Mr. Nielsen lost his life Sunday after complications from pneumonia.  He was 84.

Another event hit much closer to home.  Three young boys have been missing from their Morenci, Michigan home since Thursday. An Amber alert has been issued for young Andrew (9), Alexander (7), and Tanner ( 5 years old) Skelton.  They were last seen with their father who now is in a mental health facility undergoing treatment after an apparent suicide attempt.  The search led to the small town of Pioneer and the surrounding communities, a mere 25 miles from my own small town.  Very little is known at this point about the whereabouts of the youngsters.  I’m sure that any prayers offered up to the family of these three little ones would be more than appreciated.

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  1. Late this morning, the investigators issued a statement saying in effect that the outcome does not seem promising. May God be with the family, friends and most importantly, those three innocent little boys. May He watch over those involved in the search efforts. One of our own tangenteers has spent the last few days volunteering her help in the effort.

  2. A horrible story too close to home. I’ve been thinking about this case non-stop and also wondering if there is something I can do. I’m happy to see that one of our own tangenteers stepped up to help, took the initiative to do more than wonder and actually go to help. Thanks for writing about it and getting more word out. Many prayers for the boys, their families, and the volunteers and workers who are giving their time and energies for these tragic circumstances.

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